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About Us
If you purchase contact lenses from us today, you are one of thousands who have made the right choice to save money on your contact lens purchase. Our objective is simple: to provide customers around the world brand name, original eye care products at the lowest prices. We want to help you save.

Why are we so cheap?
We monitor prices of Internet and retail outlets everyday. Once we find a good supplier, we purchase in large volume to get more discounts. We are one of the fastest growing online retailers of contact lenses, thus we purchase A LOT! In addition, your contact lenses are right to your door to save you time. Give us a try once and chances are, you will never buy contacts from a regular store again.

We ship in 72 hours
At, we usually have inventory of what you need. Because of our good inventory lot, we are able to ship out 90% of our orders in 1-3 days. We will process your order the day we receive it and ship it either that day or the
following day. We ship international orders every day and depending on your location, dispatch will take only 4-10 business days.

Quality & Price Guaranteed
We guarantee you will receive original products only and you will receive the exact prescription and brand of contact lenses as specified in your order. All contact lenses we ship to you will arrive sealed in the manufacturer's original packaging.

Wholesale Orders
Because our prices are so low, we often get request for bulk orders. If you are interested in purchasing bulk, please contact us for a quote.

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